Jorge L. Perez-Jara
About Me

I consider myself a very fortunate individual, having the time and energy to pursue all that I enjoy: researching ancient cultures, myths, legends, and writing about them, by weaving pieces of them into my books. All of these subjects seem to enrich my stories. I keep learning as much as I can about different civilization's Beliefs and Literature, and I love writing books that seem to focus on those topics. All my books incorporate some parts of these subjects I enjoy.

I have written nine books, which revolve around science fiction and human history. All of my books have taken a great deal of research in order to make my stories captivating and enjoyable to read. I have served in the Armed Forces, so this has taken me to some interesting places in America, Europe, and other parts of the world. I have enjoyed many of the traditions, folklore, and myths from the different countries I have visited and the people I have interacted with.

Along with authoring books, I enjoy being a mentor to our younger generation through coaching sports; teaching them sportsmanship and leadership.

On this site you’ll learn a little bit more of my life as an author, which has always been exciting and fascinating. I have more books in the planning stages; "The Alien Series" and "The Combined Service Marines Series" will have continuations to them, and I hope you’ll like them as well as the earlier ones.

I also plan to write some non-fiction in the future.

Well, maybe….

My special interest in Earth's ancient past began in Middle School, when I read Erich von Däniken's Chariots of the Gods. I have been fascinated about ancient cultures and their alternative interpretations of their myths and legends ever since.

***Special Note: My original title for the Combined Service Marines was "Combat Space Marines", but it had to be changed due to a compliant from Games Workshop that it infringed on their copyright of the words 'Space Marines'. I apologize to all my loyal readers for the change, but it had to be done to conform to copyright laws. The original title was an accidental coincidence and there was no intention on my part to infringe on Games Workshop copyright. Thank you.